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Hello, I'm Naa-Lamley, and I established this store with the sole purpose of contributing to my daughter's college fund. Her name is Naa-Africa Mila, and she was born in the vibrant city of New York. As a parent, I am deeply committed to securing her future and ensuring she has the necessary resources to pursue higher education.

Having originated from West Africa, specifically Ghana, I made the courageous decision to relocate to New York. It was a significant transition, but by the grace of God, I managed to purchase my first home in Delaware. This achievement served as a testament to my determination and perseverance.

Motivated by the desire to provide my daughter with the best opportunities, I conceived the idea of this store. Its purpose is to generate funds specifically earmarked for her education. By utilizing the proceeds from this venture, I aim to contribute to her college expenses, allowing her to pursue her dreams and aspirations without financial constraints.

Creating this store not only reflects my love and dedication to Naa-Africa but also represents my commitment to supporting her academic journey. It is my heartfelt belief that education is the key to unlocking a bright and prosperous future. Through this endeavor, I hope to empower her to reach her full potential and excel in her chosen field.

In summary, my decision to establish this store is rooted in my unwavering love for my daughter and my determination to provide her with the best possible educational opportunities. As a proud parent, I am excited about the prospect of contributing to Naa-Africa's college fund and witnessing her growth as she pursues her dreams.

Naa Africa Designs Our story
Meet the Designers of Naa-Africa Designs


As a designer, my daughter serves as my muse and creative partner. Our collaborative design efforts are fueled by a shared inspiration: envisioning a world where African representation is celebrated. We strive to infuse the African essence into everything we create, symbolized by the African flag. Regardless of our diverse origins, we embrace our African identity, rooted in our heritage from West Africa, particularly Ghana, and our vibrant experiences living in the diverse cultural hub of New York City.

Being a designer, my daughter serves as my constant source of inspiration. We frequently collaborate on our creative endeavors. Our shared muse revolves around a simple idea: adding an African touch to everything we create. We firmly believe that our African identity transcends geographical borders, uniting people from diverse backgrounds. Hailing from West Africa, specifically Ghana, and residing in the vibrant melting pot of New York City, we celebrate the rich tapestry of our heritage in all that we design.

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